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Russian language school PRIVET! in Kaliningrad (Russia) provides a wide range of training.

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Visa Support

You will need a Russian visa to visit Kaliningrad. We will send an official school invitation letter. Please contact us for more details.


Kaliningrad is in the heart of Europe. Today, it is surrounded by the new European Union member states and is perfectly located to act as a centre of communication and exchange between Russia and the EU. You can use planes, buses or ferries to reach Kaliningrad. You can also drive your own car (580 kilometers from Berlin to Kaliningrad). We will meet you at the airport or bus central station in Kaliningrad or will order an international taxi from the airport in Poland or Lithuania and bring to your accommodation. Please contact us if you need our support in this issue.


There are different accommodation types we are able to offer you. You can choose a separate room in our shared apartment with two other people, our host families, guesthouses, rented apartments, hostels or hotels. Please let us know if you need our support.

Culture programs

There are different activities, you are able to do in the time after the classes in Kaliningrad. Kaliningrad offers a lot of museums, culture events, excursion with our guides in Kaliningrad and regions, meetings with our tandem partners to praxis your Russian with new friends. You will enjoy your Russian holidays in Kaliningrad!

Why Privet!

Welcome to "PRIVET!" - a School of the Russian Language in Kaliningrad, Russia!

Certified school with teaching experience from 2003

Russian courses for all levels and TRKI exam preparation

Flexible teaching course programs - Russian classes at school and on-line, international students

Professional teachers with extensive experience of teaching Russian as a foreign language

Welcome to "PRIVET!" - a School of the Russian Language in Kaliningrad, Russia!

About school

PRIVET!" is a school of the Russian language for foreigners, where every guest who comes to learn Russian is guaranteed maximum personal attention. "PRIVET!" is the word used in Russia to greet friends!

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